Use Cases for Moving to a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Use Cases for Moving to a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Run, Manage and Secure Your IT Infrastructure and Applications

For many organizations, the move to a hybrid cloud has become a question of when, not if. Hybrid clouds provide users the unique benefit of on demand access to IT resources for the development of new applications, and as well as the ability to easily manage existing ones all in one place.

The vCloud Hybrid Service, built on proven VMware technology that many organizations are already familiar with in their existing virtual environments, provides a secure, dedicated infrastructure-as-a-service hybrid cloud that makes moving applications to the cloud easy for even new cloud adopters.

My first ever review on VMWare product line, published on ‘IT Central Station’

I’ve been using VMWare vSphere for over 5 years and vCloud Director, vCOPs suits and vCAC for almost 2 years.

Valuable Features:

vSphere: vMotion, DRS, Storage DRS, HA, FT, Storage profiles, dual heartbeat in cluster environments.

vCloud Director: Building and managing Private and Public Clouds

VCOps: Drill-down troubleshooting and monitoring vSphere and vCloud environments

vCAC: Provisioning single/multi machine and relevant infrastructure using Blue-Prints, Integration of other public cloud providers like Amazon etc using respective Endpoints

Lately, features like vSAN, vFlash etc. in the 5.5 version of vSphere.

Improvements To Organization:

vSphere: vMotion (ease of migrating VMs from one host to another), DRS (ease of migrating VMs from one host to another automatically to balance out workloads in cluster environments), Storage DRS (ease of migrating VMs from one Datastore to another automatically to balance out workloads in storage cluster environments, HA (High availability is ensured by the newly developed FDM construct. FT (Ensuring 100% up-times reliably), Storage profiles (to bifurcate storage tiers accoring to the SLAs etc., dual heartbeat in cluster environments for confirmed Host isolation avoiding false alarms/isolation responses; key to maintain SLAs.

vCloud Director: Effective and robust way of building and managing of Private and Public Clouds. Tenants/Organizations can be effectively created and managed using vDCs. Provider Datacenters can be created and managed through Provider vDCs.

vCAC: Provisioning single/multi machine and required infrastructure using Blue-Prints, Reservation/Allocating resources and Business/Provisioning groups and self-service portals automate the process and approval oriented provisions. vCloud Automation Center has a multi-vendor approach from the outset; Integration of other vendors cloud infrastructures like Amazon etc using corresponding to the respective Endpoints.

VCOps: Drill-down troubleshooting and effective Monitoring vSphere and vCloud environments

Lately, features like vSAN, vFlash etc. in the 5.5 version of vSphere has increased the viability of large Storage and Multimedia intensive projects.

Room For Improvement:

FT: Still just 4 VM’s/Servers supported. Single processor constraint still exists.

HA: Still 32 node HA cluster supported.

Deployment, Stability, Scalability Issues:

Largely, No.

Previous Solutions:

Yes; Hyper-V. The reason for switching was indeed the efficiency crisis with Hyper-V resulting in subsequent service issues ->service tickets-> increased number of troubleshooting tasks -> increased number of breaches in the SLAs

Alternate Solutions:

Yes; Hyper-V

Customer Support and Technical Support:

I give them a 5-star rating.

Initial Setup:

Straightforward, as it’s designed at a more abstract level.

Implementation Team:

Vendor as-well-as in-house. I give them a 5-star rating.


Well surpasses expectations. Also depends on the factors like Max Consolidation Ratio; 1.5 VM per Core

Setup Cost:

Depends on the licences purchased per ESXi, vCenter for vSphere and licences purchased for vCloud Director, VCOps suites.

Other Advice:

Go for it. Follow the bottom-up approach; VMware’s Implementation Guide for each product and you will sail through.